What We Do

Auxilium offers a broad range of services to help you establish and achieve challenging goals for your business.

Market Assessments

Evaluating your business and where it fits into the global marketplace in relation to your customers and your competition.

Data Analysis

We make sense of your data to provide insights into your business, allowing you to remove any potential barriers to success.

Strategic Planning

Whether your goal is to increase revenue, reduce costs or expand your business, we can help you put together a plan to achieve it.

Marketing Solutions

We offer data driven marketing solutions to make sure your message is heard by the people who need to hear it.

Sales Strategy

With the use of historical data, we can identify patterns in customers' behaviour to maximise sales revenue and profit.

Business Development

We provide the business intelligence you need to enter new markets and launch new products with confidence.

Who We Are

Auxilium International is a consultancy for people who want to grow their business

Data Driven

We strongly believe in the power of data. The more data we can gather and analyse, the greater the accuracy of the information we can provide to help you make informed decisions for your business


With years of experience in market research, data analysis, business development, marketing and strategic planning, we can help you to expand into new markets, attract new customers and drive profitability.


We help you to set realistic goals and achieve ambitious targets by providing accurate and reliable business intelligence. By understanding potential risks and rewards, you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Global Expertise

Working with Auxilium International gives you access to a global network of well placed and highly specialised individuals, covering a wide range of industries. Whatever your goals, in whichever markets you operate, we have experts who are here to help you succeed.


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